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Send SMS to mobile phones worldwide from your computer and receive SMS sent to your mobile on your PC. SMS-chat with your buddies using your computer and mobile phone just like if you were really online.

Use the easy PC keyboard instead of the tricky one on your mobile. Keep message history. Exchange vCard data. No Internet gateways. No extra service fees. IrDA, BlueTooth, cable connections, and all major phone models supported.

NexySMS 2.0 also supports EMS for most phones which even doesn't have EMS support.

  • Supporting more than 100 cell phone models;
    You can now use even more cell phones with NexySMS. Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and more...

  • Long SMSes;
    Don't like to be limited to 170 symbols? No problem! NexySMS will split the text into a number of messages which will then be clued and shown as one. Feature availability depends on your cell phone.

  • EMS and smiles support;
    Express your thoughts with a number of smiles and feel your friend with EMS and Nokia picture message support!

  • Integrated phonebook;
    No more need to find the numbers of your friend to chat with them. NexySMS can synchronize to your phone and allows you to easily found the person you need.

  • Easy-to-use interface.
    You should just try it yourself!
NexySMS 2.0 Beta is available. Try new features and interface now!

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