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You can buy NexySMS 2.0 by filling the secure online purchase form. You can also buy using PayPal, FAX Order, Postal Mail,Phone or Purchase Order.

Purchase NexySMS 2.0 with all 2.x updates for only $24.95

You may get NexySMS 2.0 for free! Click get free for details.

You will get registration key and activation instructions by e-mail after processing of your order. If you expirience any problems placing your order you may try alternative way or contact us.

License typePrice per unit
1 to 4 users $24.95
5 to 19 users $19.95
20 to 49 users $17.95
50 to 99 users $15.95
Unlimited* $795

* for an unlimited license please contact us:

NexySMS 2.0 Beta is available. Try new features and interface now!

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